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Collins Bar Systems is founded by Fjalar Goud, a former Research and Development engineer at Porsche with over 15 years of bartending experience. So it’s not surprising that our bar systems are all about performance. This is reflected in everything we do. Nothing is insignificant. Every aspect of the production and development process is focused on performance and quality. Every component and every detail should be perfect.

Bar systems

To accommodate you in any bar routing challenge we developed two different bar systems. The Mighty Mini and the Mach 1.

Custom Builds

Although our standard systems will give you the answer to almost all routing challenges. Some time a custom build is required.To make a bespoke design is for us always a great endeavour and a change to showcase our knowledge and expertise.
We firmly believe in innovation and co-design and just as in formula 1, If a technical solution or a component is highly successful, we adopt it in our standard systems. The only limit to a custom build is your imagination. Check out some realy cool custom build we did.

Custom builds