Performance Parts

To go extra fast


Drinks are made on a spill tray, usually positioned on the “upper”part of the bar in front of your guest. Not only are spillers practical, but they look amazing in any bar set-up. We offer you the opportunity to customize the stage your drinks are produced on. We laser cut your design in high quality 3 mm thick stainless steel.

We make alle spiller racks within 500 mm so they will fit in the dishwasher at the end of your shift!


Garnish racks

We offer two garnish racks for our standard systems.

Mighty Mini                   € 137,- excl. btw compleet with 3 1/9 gastronorm

Ultimate Infinity            € 157,- excl. btw compleet with 4 1/9 gastronorm


If you need more bottles in front of you.

We offer an easy slide on speedrail that will double your amount of bottles.

Mighty Mini            € 244,- excl. btw

Ultimate Infinity     € 267,- excl. btw