Mighty Mini Station

The mighty mini is small, but mighty in performance
This is the ideal station for long drinks or a small cocktail list. All functionality required for high performence, can be found within one compact meter!

All individual parts will fit in any standard dishwasher to reduce cleaning time.

We use the finest stainless steel for durability and hygiene. All our systems are manufactured to the highest standards possible and every bar is laser cut, machine folded, robot welded and finally hand ground and polished to perfection!

How we weld

Our welding techniques range from plasma welding to robotic laser welding, depending on what is optimal for that particular weld. We can not afford to make any short-cuts when it comes to quality and that quality is exactly what we stand for and what our customers expect.

Due to the highly localised heat input of laser welding, very small, yet fine high-quality connections can be made.

The resulting weld has a small radius and results in a stronger weld which is much easier to clean. An example of this is our robotic layered ice-bin.


The Mighty Mini in detail

The ice-well: We scoop ice side ways! When making hundreds of cocktails a night, your body will experience stress on joints and muscles. Together with a fysiotherapist we studied bartenders how they move behind the bar. Scooping ice side ways will allow for a smoother arm and shoulder movement that result in less stress on joints and less energy is needed.

The ice-separator plate can be placed in three different locations. So you can adjust how much cubed or crushed ice you need for a shift. A extra separator plate can be purchased to divide the ice-well in three segments.

The ice-well is totally isolated to make sure the quality of the ice remains throughout the shift.

Waste separator: In the sink there is a removable strainer that will separate solids from liquids. When ice is stacking up, just use the hot water from the Faucet. You never have to worry about fluids in your garbage bag anymore.

Cutting board: The cutting board is integrated in the surface of the mighty mini. Allowing for a stable not moving cutting area. After cutting you can easily get rid of the leftovers in thru the waste hole.

Waterjet: Our high performance waterjets are custom designed and form the heart of any Collins Bar System. They are extremely reliable, easy to clean and they look stunning. This is by far the quickest way to clean your shaker!

Faucet: Together with Echtermann we co-designed a high quality commerial faucet. Its only 14 cm high so it can be placed underneath you upper-bar with ease. After your shift is done you can turn the faucet in to your ice-well for easy cleaning. The faucet should be connected to cold and warm water to meld down the ice.

Speedrail: The speedrail of the Mighty Mini Holds 6 bottles and is located in front of you. A drain-plug will allow water to drain from the rail, this also allows for easy cleaning after the shift.

Garnish rack: The garnish rack is a cool add-on for storing three condiments directly in front of you. Its lasercut from stainless steel, so after your shift you can just pop it in the dishwasher.

Tool Holder: Above the cutting board there is a designated area for all the popular tools you need. Filled with water will keep your strainers clean


Make sure you install your Mighty Mini Correctly to ensure maximum performance!

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An ode to a legend

In 1961 British racing legend John Cooper build the first Racing Mini. This Mighty Mini was outracing and outlasting the competitors of the day. Visits to the winner’s circle became a regular event as Mini chalked up numerous international race wins – including 3 at the prestigious Monte Carlo rally from 1964 to 1967. This is why our little station bares the name Mighty Mini.