The Apex


The Apex

This exceptional model is the result of striving for excellence and innovation with the bartender at the core of its design.
This unique piece of art reflects how we think and act as a company so you can go above and beyond.

More then 400 configurations can be tailored to suit your perfect configuration in the craft of cocktail making.

Always go fast, always hit your Apex.

Enjoy your shift!

The Apex can be tailored to your own perfect set-up. See all its features in the description below

What is unique about the Apex:

it’s one beautiful piece of eye-candy!

can be tailored to your own perfect set-up (more then 400 configurations are possible)

can be used in a “upper” and “lower” bar configuration


combines, beauty, ergonomics and speed in one

will fit between any populair bar-top

will be clean in two dishwasher cycles!

equipped with a cnc high-pressure waterjet, cleans shakers in a blink of an eye

and as always:designed by bartenders for bartenders

Garnish madness


The Apex is installed with a high-tech ‘Active Window’ Franke water-tap for easy cleaning and operation.

Ode to the Apex

Every race-car driver is in search of the perfect lap. The Apex is the point at which you are closest to the inside of the corner.

Hitting the Apex allows for the highest speed through a corner and so being the fastest around the track.