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For bartenders by bartenders

As a former engineer at Porsche, with over ten years in the hospitality business as a bartender and operator, I was set out to design the ultimate bar. In collaboration with the best bartenders around the globe, bar owners and architects, we have designed barsystems that are now considered the best in the world. Combining speed and efficiency together with ergonomics and beauty, we are setting new standards in bar design at Collins Bar Systems.


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Bar Systems

We developed 2 amazing systems

Mighty Mini           Station

Mighty Mini Station

This compact and easy to install barmodule will blow your mind.

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Ultimate Infinity

Ultimate Infinity

The Ultimate Cocktail Station! The Industry standard

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A small selection of recent projects


From bare metal to bar metal

Designed by bartenders!

We have co-designed our systems with leading bartenders from all over the world. Combined with the technical background of our engineer, the perfect bar was created.

Efficiency and Profitability

Speed is a function of Efficiency! The more drinks you can make in an hour the more profit you can make. We focus on efficiency, ergonomics and profitability!

Crafted to perfection

All our systems are hand-made by experienced craftsmen. Every bar is welded, grinded and polished by hand. We use the finest stainless steel for durability and hygiene.

By bartenders for bartenders!

Everything in 2 steps!

Efficiency first, speed second!


Collins Barsystems

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