Collins Bar Systems

We make bars. For bartenders. By bartenders.

The bar is the engine of the business and it should perform as a perfectly tuned formula one car. Giving the bartender the absolute best hardware to go above and beyond.

Against this backdrop I followed my dream to create the perfect bar environment where, efficiency, ergonomics and speed work simultaneously. And so I started this company in 2009 with one philosophy: We focus on performance and the well-being of the bartender!

This is reflected in everything we do. Nothing is insignificant. Every aspect of the production and development process is focused on performance. Not only in efficiency and speed but in every deliverable.

We work closely with the best bartenders in the world to improve, innovate and perfect our systems. The result is a bar systems that is co-designed by the people who actually use them!

We make bars: For bartenders, by bartenders!

Enjoy your shift.
Fjalar Goud